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It’s A Bad Life

Our friends at Bad Life are celebrating their first birthday on Saturday 17th December with a FAT Warehouse party featuring Noob, AutoKratz present Bad Life, Attaque live and much more. More info here.


Tonight: All Roads Lead To Fabric

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Desert Island Disco With Maxime Dangles

We first heard about Maxime Dangles in 2008 through tracks like Tulipa and Love Water. After a quiet patch he came back onto our radar again this year with his awesome EP for Boys Noize, of which Goodjob became a staple of all our sets of Doom. Another big track of his we’ve really enjoyed this summer is Sante which even though is a bit more melodic, has been perfect for the summer festival scene.

More recently we’ve noticed he’s just launched his own label Sign Industry alongside fellow producers Paul Nazca & Florian Combe. The First release is massive and with another ‘Doom favourite Electric Rescue dropping an awesome EP shortly, this is definitely going to be a label to watch.

So, over to Maxime with his Desert Island Disco 5:

**This is a YouTube playlist featuring all tracks – either press play and listen to them back to back or press ‘fwd’ button to skip to the next track**

1: Barlive 2007

Not a trax but a club for the beging ! RIP to this electronic music school of south of france. I found my music way the first time i went here. I miss it a lot :(

2: Superpitcher – happiness (Michael Mayer mix)

A kompakt’s classic for me !

3: ZZT – ZZafrika (Gesaffelstein Remix)

Gesaffelstein is the most innovative artist of this year ! I’m a big big BIG fan !

4: Apparat – Song Of Los

We need more like this ! I think it’s really great from electronic music he released his album on mute. The English are in advance like always !

5: Röyksopp – Keyboard Milk

Nothing to say… just take a break and listen it :)

Thanks so much Maxime!

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Check out his new single here


Mason ‘Le Big Bob’ Remix

Following the excellent remix Mason did for our last single, the guys asked us to return the favour and here’s the fruits of our labour… The single is released on November 14th on Animal Language. Check out the food porn-tastic video here.



Crap title but this weekend sees an onslaught of Halloween parties in London launching on the Friday night with this little knees up from our favourite East London Warehouse team Potty Mouth Disco. Featuring our favourite Berlin-based chin-stroker and cravat-wearer Martin Dawson (check his mix below) alongside Ibiza-veteran Clive Henry and Jay Shepheard, if you’re East and like it deep you could do much worse.

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Desert Island Disco… Oliver Huntemann

Oliver Huntemann drops his fourth studio album Paranoia on November 2nd and if you like the sounds of his deep brooding techno, we suggest you pre-order that sh_t now. The man’s a legend. His sound has been a massive inspiration in the studio of Doom. Tracks like Dexter and Senso are immense. His delays on tricks on tracks like La Boum and Manga have formed the foundation not only of our sound but a whole breed of wonky techno pioneers. So we tip our hats to Mr Huntemann, it’s an honour to have your Desert Island Disco selection on our blog.

**Remember Kids, this is a YouTube playlist so if you want to skip to the next track, just press the  forward button.

**Oliver decided to give us a selection of albums as opposed to singles so the videos represent his favourite track from each album and the descriptions beneath are about the albums.

1: Portishead – Roseland NYC Live (1998)

I can’t describe how deep Beth Gibbons’ voice touched me when I heard Portishead for the very first time. Dirty, slow beats and suicidal vocals which can’t be more suffering. I had the chance to see them couple of years ago live in Berlin. It was impressive and I just get goosebumps when I remember it – nothing more to say. For the rainy days!

2: Leftfield – Leftism (1995)

Another classic album which influenced me a lot. These sounds and beats brought me to higher spheres – legendary. This would be for helping me being patient while building the cottage!

3: Newcleus – Jam On Revenge (1984)

The first Newcleus album ‘Jam on Revenge’ was not a great sales success on its release but it was a initial spark for me and my musical way. Electro-Funk made me become a b-boy and a soon after a DJ. I still like to listen to their 808 beats and the sped-up vocals. Very unique. Might sound kind of funny nowadays but in 1984 it sounded like the future. This would be the soundtrack to my daily gymnastic exercises!

4: CéU –  Ceu (2007)

The best album from the Brazilian singer-songwriter. Her songs reveal her many influences, which include Samba, Soul, R’n'B, Hip Hop, Afrobeat and Electrojazz. A very interesting and entertaining mixture. This would be for the beach!

5: Craig Armstrong – The Space Between Us (1998)

To me Craig Armstrong is one of the greatest state of the art soundtrack composers. His specialty is great string arrangements. It’s no secret that the Protection album by Massive Attack features three songs with arrangements and contributions from Craig Armstrong. All of these tracks have been revisited and newly arranged on The Space Between Us album plus a bunch of other great songs. This would be for lonely nights in the cottage!

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ADE 2011 Showcase

THIS IS GONNA BE HUGE. Click HERE for details.

Big ups the Boemklatsch crew!


Desert Island Disco… Attaque

Every now and again a new producer pops up who’s productions are HUGE and win the support of just about every major DJ worth their salt and Attaque is one of those. Dropping bombs like the MASSIVE Light Falls EP on hot label to watch Bad Life not to mention great remixes of The Japanese Popstars and Luke Walker. Check out his new single Moderate EP which is out now. We caught up with him last week to fix us up with his Desert Island Disco selection…

This is a YouTube playlist we recommend you stick the kettle on, make a cup of tea and sit back and relax. If you get bored of a track press the forward button…

1: DJ Shadow Featuring Roots Manuva – GDMFSOB (UNKLE Uncensored Remix )
Roots Manuva is one of my favourite hip-hop artists, he has such a distinctive British sound, this track was huge when I was spending every weekend in a club when I lived in Sheffield, I’ve recently started playing it out again, I will never grow tired of it.

2: Mogwai – Mogwai Fear Satan
Mogwai are one of my favourite bands, I’ve been going to see them live since I was 14 and they still blow me away today. I was lucky enough to support them for a few gigs in a band that I used to drum in. They played this at Colchester Arts Centre and the the whole crowd lay down on the floor for this track. It was an epic moment which will stay with me forever

3: Chemical Brothers – Electronic Battle Weapon 8
What can you say about the Chemical Brothers that hasn’t already been said? They have been without a doubt the biggest influence on me since I saw them at Glastonbury when I was 15. I first heard this track when Erol played it at Fabric on New Year’s. It’s such a well produced original track, it ticks all the right boxes without even trying.

4: Pixies – Where Is My Mind
One of my favourite Pixies track and the fact is was used as the end track in Fight Club gives it that extra special sentiment

5: Four Tet – Angel Echoes
This is the opening track from his last album, he started with this when I went to see him live and just looped the vocal for ages as the intro. There is something so special in that vocal hook, I could happily listen to it over and over again. It has a certain beauty which you don’t always get with sample based electronic music.

Check Moderate EP here:

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Tonight Matthew… I Am Glasgow

Tonight Matthew… I AM Glasgow

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Any Scots crew.. come on down!!!