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Every now and again a new producer pops up who’s productions are HUGE and win the support of just about every major DJ worth their salt and Attaque is one of those. Dropping bombs like the MASSIVE Light Falls EP on hot label to watch Bad Life not to mention great remixes of The Japanese Popstars and Luke Walker. Check out his new single Moderate EP which is out now. We caught up with him last week to fix us up with his Desert Island Disco selection…

This is a YouTube playlist we recommend you stick the kettle on, make a cup of tea and sit back and relax. If you get bored of a track press the forward button…

1: DJ Shadow Featuring Roots Manuva – GDMFSOB (UNKLE Uncensored Remix )
Roots Manuva is one of my favourite hip-hop artists, he has such a distinctive British sound, this track was huge when I was spending every weekend in a club when I lived in Sheffield, I’ve recently started playing it out again, I will never grow tired of it.

2: Mogwai – Mogwai Fear Satan
Mogwai are one of my favourite bands, I’ve been going to see them live since I was 14 and they still blow me away today. I was lucky enough to support them for a few gigs in a band that I used to drum in. They played this at Colchester Arts Centre and the the whole crowd lay down on the floor for this track. It was an epic moment which will stay with me forever

3: Chemical Brothers – Electronic Battle Weapon 8
What can you say about the Chemical Brothers that hasn’t already been said? They have been without a doubt the biggest influence on me since I saw them at Glastonbury when I was 15. I first heard this track when Erol played it at Fabric on New Year’s. It’s such a well produced original track, it ticks all the right boxes without even trying.

4: Pixies – Where Is My Mind
One of my favourite Pixies track and the fact is was used as the end track in Fight Club gives it that extra special sentiment

5: Four Tet – Angel Echoes
This is the opening track from his last album, he started with this when I went to see him live and just looped the vocal for ages as the intro. There is something so special in that vocal hook, I could happily listen to it over and over again. It has a certain beauty which you don’t always get with sample based electronic music.

Check Moderate EP here:

Attaque Facebook

Attaque Soundcloud

Attaque Twitter


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  1. BACK TO BACK // Friday 21st October until 4am. Free before 11:30pm, £5 after.

    “Take hipster DJs, a dollop of throbbing techno and lashings of sleazy electro and put them back-to-back in a buzzing Dalston trendspot and what do you get? A darn killer party” — TimeOut


    Free before 11:30pm, £5 after.

    Attaque (Bad Life)
    Ian Robinson (Trailer Trash)
    Kezokichi (Back to Back / Bad Life)
    Jamie D Winter (Trailer Trash)
    Jus’ Fab (This Is Not Happening)
    Mr F (Bread & Butter)
    James Harris


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    “When you’re running a record label, it’s pretty rare that you find music this perfectly formed, yet nobody in the world knows about it.

    But we guess that’s what happens when that producer comes from Colchester.

    And so we are very excited to give you Attaque; an extraordinarily precocious talent making some of the best modern techno we’ve heard at Bad Life.

    As with many an Essex youngster, he found electronic music through years of getting wasted in the shed behind a pub listening to Laurent Garnier.

    He’s since left the squadies and peroxide blondes of Colchester, and moved his studio to Brighton with the lesbians and fish n’ chips.

    We found him down there, making something unbelievable…. and so have been very careful to keep him a secret…until now.” — Bad Life

    October 17, 2011 at 8:19 pm

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